Thyroid Cancer Goes Away

by Dennis Kelly

January 11, 2014

i was at the Elger Bay Cafe on Camano Island, Washington, when Bill came to me:  "The Doctor has diagnosed me with thyroid cancer."  He said.

I offered to lay hands on him and pray.  In the 16th chapter of Mark it says:  These signs will follow the believer:  ...they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."  I told him "I am a believer and a hands layer on-er."

He gave me permission, so I grabbed his hand and prayed that in the name of Jesus the cancer would be cast out and he would be healed. 

The next time he was checked for cancer the doctor could not find any.  The doctor kept on taking biopsies because it was his job to find the cancer.  Bill finally told him that he had taken many samples and had not found any cancer.  The evidence shows that there is not any cancer present. 

The next time Bill saw the doctor the swollen thyroid had shrunk but was still enlarged.  They decided there was no reason to operate, but they would continue to monitor the situation. 

About a year later, on January 5, 2014 at another restaurant I saw Bill and he said that the thyroid was fine. 

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