Another Flu Story

by Dennis Kelly

January 22, 2011

Last week at the Elger Bay Restaurant on Camano Island, Washington, Margie was telling about dizziness and headaches that have lasted for nearly a month.   I asked if she would like me to pray for her and she said yes. 

I immediately put my hands on her arm and prayed.  I do not remember exactly what I said but something like:  "Dear God, Jesus said that a believer shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed.   I am a believer and a hands layer on-er.  I do not know what is wrong with Margie but Jesus does.  In the Name of Jesus, Margie be healed.  Amen. 

The next time I saw Margie she was ecstatic.  She said she woke up the next morning and she was feeling better than she had felt in a month.   The dizziness and headaches were gone. 
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