By Dennis Kelly

July 22, 2010

Yesterday, at a prayer meeting, Sarah asked for prayer about an operation that she is about to undergo.  Tests showed a tumor in her abdomen.  A similar tumor was operated on in a similar place years before.  She was nervous about it.   We prayed and then the Lord led me to command the tumor to "dry up and disappear."

I have prayed that prayer before, with good results.  After the prayer I told her about successfully praying for a tumor to disappear at the Cookie Mill restaurant.

Tonight, July 23, 2010, I was praying for Sarah again.   I was thanking God for hearing and answering our  prayer. 

God replied distinctly:  "You are welcome.  I am happy to do it."

I believe that Sarah is healed,  that the Drs will find a dried up tumor when they operate. 

A couple of years ago I asked the Lord:   "Why do you have such a problem with cancer?"

The Lord scolded me as he replied:  "I don't have a problem with cancer!" 

If their is a problem, it is not with God and it is not with cancer.  It is with the pray-or or the pray-ee.

On July 29, 2010 -- one week since we prayed for Sarah.  Sarah had the operation on Tuesday, it is now Thursday.  No tumor was found.  The Drs claim a missed-diagnosis.  What was found was a hernia which was repaired and Sarah is doing fine. 

We prayed for the tumor to disappear.  Was it a missed-diagnosis, as the Drs say, or an answered prayer?  All I know is that no tumor was found.  There were several people at the prayer meeting and we all agreed in prayer. 
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