The Bible Can Beat Cancer

(or any other disease)

by Dennis Kelly



Cancer has killed many of my

friends and relatives. After careful

bible study, I found that cancer is

demonic; It is a spiritual stronghold

that must be torn down with spiritual

weapons. I describe many of

these weapons in this essay. With

the proper use of the weapons

described, cancer can be defeated.


My credentials are that I read the

Bible. I am not ordained by any

church. I am not a member of any

church. No man has authorized me

to do this.


In 1988 a friend had a death

sentence of less than two years. I

laid hands on her and prayed in the

Name of Jesus for her to be cured.

Mark 16:15-18. I declared my

friend cured. She is still alive.

The next time her doctor checked,

he found no cancer. Ten years

later the doctor declared her



Friends, relatives,

acquaintances and friends of

friends have died of cancer. I

decided that this plague must stop.

I studied the Bible to see how to

defeat cancer. In this paper I

have written what I found. I pray

that Camano Island is cancer free.


"In the name of Jesus Camano

Island is a cancer free zone!

Cancer, in the name of Jesus, I

cast you off of this Island. I

forbid you to be here. In the name

of Jesus, no one on Camano Island

has cancer. In the name of Jesus,

anyone who lives here or who visits

here is cancer free. Amen."


You have been diagnosed as having

cancer. Some of you are under a

death sentence with only a little

while to live.


I can not cure cancer. I can teach

you. I can pray for you. Jesus can

cure cancer. I can not.  Satan wants

you to have cancer.  Jesus wants you

well. That is a 1to 1 vote. You get

the final vote.  Are you well or are

you not?  You must accept Jesus'

healing. That is at the same time the

easiest and most difficult task you

will do.


Your doctor will do every thing

that he can to cure you. He works

in the physical realm. Stay with

your doctor. He will tell you when

the cancer is gone. We need him to

monitor the progress. If you die,

we need him to monitor your death.

Cancer is nothing to fool around with.


Satan does not want you healed. He

has convinced you that you have

cancer and you are dying from it.

Satan is a liar and the truth is

not in him. However, the cancer is

real. You need to defeat it. I

will try to help. I will show you

what I have found in the Bible and

I will show you how to use it. You

will fight for your life. I lay

before you life and death, blessing

and cursing. Therefore you choose:

Life! Deut 30:19


The Bible is truth. (John 17:17)

The Bible is the word of God. The

reason God cannot tell a lie is

because everything he says comes true.


This is may not be a true story:

There were three angels at the

water cooler in heaven. God said:

"Let there be light." One angel

said: "What is light?" The second

angel said: "I do not know," The

third angel said: "Look out, here

it comes."


What God said comes tobe. Whatever

God says comes true.  The Bible is truth.

(John 17:17)  Believe it. If what you

hear is contrary to what God has said,

then what God said is true and the other

is a lie.


Whatever the Bible says you can

have, you can have. Not maybe.

Not sometimes, but every time.

Always. The promises of God are:

Yes! and Amen! in Christ Jesus. 2

Corinthians 1:20

God does his part. If you are not

receiving, then something is

screwed up at your end. God did

not screw up. It is also Satan's

fault. He is trying to deceive

you. You must resist him. James 4:7


Cancer does not belong to you.

Jesus took our infirmities and

carried our diseases. Mat. 8:17

Jesus took all of our diseases.

There is no sickness that belongs

to us. Cancer does not belong to

you. If you have cancer, it is not

yours. Get rid of it. It belongs

somewhere else.  With his (Jesus)

stripes you are healed. Isaiah 53:5.

By the stripes of Jesus you have

(already) been healed. 1 Peter


Say out loud: "Cancer, you are not

mine, I am healed. In the Name of

Jesus, Cancer Leave!."


We are redeemed from the curse of

the law because Jesus was made a

curse for us: for cursed is

everyone who hangs on a tree.

Galatians 3:13 The curses of the

law are listed in the 28th chapter

of Deuteronomy. In verse 27,

tumors are listed. In verse 61,

all diseases mentioned in this book

and all diseases not mentioned in

this book are included: That

covers all of the diseases that

Exist -- including cancer. You are

redeemed from all of these.

Jesus redeemed us from all manner

of sickness and disease by being

crucified. Gal 3:13. Redeemed

means bought back from all manner

of sickness and disease. If you

will not receive the healing that

he paid for, then you are saying:

“Jesus, you did not do enough for

Me.” How dare you! He gave his

life for you to be healed. How

dare you say that it was not enough.


He was whipped (scourged)

before he was crucified. Each time

the lash struck him a stripe was

formed on his back. By his stripes

you were healed. A Roman scourging

was 39 lashes. Are you going to

say that was not enough for you?


He was tortured and hung on the

cross for you to be healed. How

dare you say that was not enough.


It is illegal for you to be sick,

because the word of God says you

are healed. If you are willing to

be made well, then accept that

Jesus can and has made you well.

In that case Satan is making you

sick illegally. Let's stop Satan.

You are diagnosed with cancer. You

have spoken it and accepted it into

your life because Satan is an

outlaw and has convinced you that

you have cancer. That is illegal.

According to God you cannot be

sick: you cannot have cancer. But

the doctor says you have cancer.

But God says that by the stripes of

Jesus you are healed. OK. Believe



Jesus has all power in earth and in

heaven. Mat 28:18. Jesus has

power over all flesh. John 17:2.

Jesus has the power to heal your

flesh if you will let him.


Now, I am telling you that by the

stripes of Jesus you are healed.

In Mark Chapter 4 Jesus describes

what Satan is going to do as soon

as you hear the word of God. He

will come immediately to take away

the word. Mark 4:15 He will

probably try to make you sick in a

few minutes. Resist! James 4:7.

By the stripes of Jesus Christ you

are healed! 1 Peter 2:24.


Satan will come with affliction and

persecution. He will try to

convince you that the word of God

is wrong or does not work. Mark

4:17 Somebody will try to tell you

that I am nuts; that the word of

God has no power; that you are

crazy to listen to me. After

tonight he will probably try to

make you sick. Resist! James 4:7.

By the stripes of Jesus Christ you

are healed! 1 Peter 2:24.


If you have already studied the

word of God concerning healing,

then he will try to distract you

with the cares of this world, the

deceitfulness of riches, and the

lusts of other things. Mark 4:19

You will go home and find yourself

so busy that you don't have time to

study what I have said. You will

need to spend time working on your

budget or something else. Satan

will try to get you to not believe

the word of God. You may set it

aside and try to get to it later.

Study the word that I am giving

you. Now! You are fighting for

your life. Resist! James 4:7.

By the stripes of Jesus Christ you

are healed! 1 Peter 2:24.


If you study the word of God and

let it enter your heart, then you

cannot fail to receive. Mark 4:20

By the stripes of Jesus Christ you

are healed! 1 Peter 2:24.


You need to humble yourselves

before God and resist the devil and

he will flee from you. James 4:7

To humble yourself before God you

need to read the word of God,

believe the word of God, and know:

what God has said, He is able to

perform. Romans 4:20-21


Ask God to put his whole armor on

you. Ephesians 6:11-18. Put on

the helmet of Salvation including

healing. (Look it up in Strong's

Concordance.) Whoever calls on the

name of the Lord shall be saved.

Acts 2:21. His name is Jesus. Say

right now: "Jesus save me."

Repent and turn to God so that your

sins may be forgiven. Acts 3:19.

Say right now: "God in the name of

Jesus forgive me of my sins."

If you confess with your mouth

Jesus is Lord and believe in your

heart that God raised him from the

dead you will be saved. Romans 10:9

Say right now: "Jesus, be Lord of

my life. Be Boss in my life.

Whatever is left of my life I give

to you. Do what you will with it."


If you did that now, or if you did

that earlier, you have put on the

helmet of salvation.


Put on the breastplate of

righteousness. Eph 6:14. The

breastplate of righteousness is

provided because Jesus became sin

that we might be made the

righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21

You are made righteousness. This

righteousness from God comes to all

who believe. Romans 5:17 You are

entitled to anything that

righteousness provides. The

fervent prayer of a righteous man

is powerful and effective. James 5:16.


Put on the belt of truth. Eph

6:14. The Bible is truth. John

17:17. The belt of truth is the

Bible. Read it! Keep it before

you always. Study it and hold it

in your heart.


Have your feet shod with the gospel

of peace. Eph 6:15 The shoes of

the gospel of peace is God's

declaration that he is no longer

angry with you. Isaiah 54:5-9 God

is not mad at you. He is not

punishing you. God loves you. In

Isaiah he said that he would never

be angry with you again after Jesus

comes. Well, Jesus came. God is

not mad at you. We have peace with

God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 5:1. God is not punishing

you. God did not put cancer on

you. He does not have cancer, He

loves you.


Pick up the shield of faith. Eph

6:16 How much you exercise your

faith determines which way Satan

will attack. Mark 4:14-20. Use

your faith to quench the fiery

darts of the wicked one. Eph 6:16

Everyone has been given the measure

of faith. Romans 12:3. Build up

your faith. Faith comes by hearing

and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17. Read God's promises

to you throughout the Bible. Now

read Isaiah 34:16. The Holy Spirit

will bring all these promises to

pass. By the stripes of Jesus

Christ you are healed!


Now use the sword of the spirit

which is the word of God. Eph 6:17.

Gouge Satan with the word of God as

it applies to your situation. By

the Stripes of Jesus you are healed.


Cancer is bad and God is good.

Satan is the source of all things

bad. Pick up the sword of the

spirit which is the word of God and

jab Satan. Defeat him. Find out

where the Bible says that you are

healed. Find out where the Bible

says that you are redeemed from all

manner of sickness and disease.

Read it.


Satan is the source of all bad

things and God is the source of all

good things. Cancer is bad. There

is a demon of cancer who is in

charge of all cancer. There are

lesser demons in charge of each

kind of cancer. Just as there are

demons in charge of each disease.

There are certainly physical

manifestations of each disease, but

they are caused by demons. The

physical symptoms are the

manifestation of the demon spirit

at work. The symptoms may be

defeated by the application of

medical practices, but certainly

demons can be defeated by the

application of the word of God.

Yes, in each case, you have to

apply the proper treatment in the

proper manner. The Bible tells you

several ways to fight Satan and all

of his helpers. Gloria Copeland

of Fort Worth, Texas has a book

called Gods Prescription for Devine

Health which gives many healing

scriptures in the Bible. Read it.


We do not wrestle with flesh and

blood but against the

principalities, against powers,

against rulers of the darkness of

this world, against spiritual

wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12


The weapons of our warfare

are not carnal but mighty through

God to the pulling down of

strongholds, casting down

imaginations, and every high thing

that exalts itself against the

knowledge of God, and bringing into

captivity every thought to the

obedience of Christ. 2 Corinthians

10:3-5. Think thoughts that agree with

the word of God. By the stripes of

Jesus I have been healed. 1 Peter

2:24. When you think that you are

not healed, speak the word of God

out loud. By the stripes of Jesus

I am healed.


Read where Jesus healed everyone

that came to him. He told every

one "Believe". One guy said:

"Jesus, help me to believe." Mark

9:24. And his son was healed. Ask

Jesus to help you.


Resist the Devil and he will flee

from you. James 4:7 Resist him

with the word of God.

Withstand the Devil, and be firm in

the faith. I Peter 5:7-9. When

the Bible says you are healed,

believe it. Fight the symptoms

continually with the word of God,

until they leave. Believe the

word of God that you are healed.

Believe it until you are well.

Faith Comes by hearing and hearing

by the word of God. Romans 10:17.

Study the word of God as much as

you can. Hear the word and put it

in to action. Be doers of the word

and not hearers only. James 1:22


When the evil day comes, you may be

able to stand your ground. When

you have done all that you know to

do, stand firm in the word of God.

Eph 6:13-14. By the stripes of

Jesus Christ you are healed! When

it does not look like you are

healed, believe God. When it does

not feel like you are healed,

declare healing scriptures. Stand

on the word of God forever. By the

stripes of Jesus Christ you are



Depending on your level of faith,

Satan may attack and defeat you.

If your faith is strong or you are

in alliance with someone who has

faith, you can defeat Satan. Mat

18:19 He is an outlaw spirit and

attacks you illegally. The word of

God says you are healed and that is

the law. When you stand on the

word of God, then he must retreat.

When the demons come back with more

demons, you are assaulted with more

bad things. Luke 11:24-26. You

must review the word of God as it

relates to your problem and continue to

read it out loud until the demons are

defeated: all of them, including Satan

himself. The Word that defeats him

is "Jesus."


Wherever two are gathered in my

name whatsoever they pray for they

can have. Mat 18:19. Get together

with your spouse and pray together

and agree together. One can chase

a thousand and two can chase ten

thousand. If you don't have a

spouse, then get a treasured

friend or loved one to pray with

you.  Get along with your spouse so

that your prayers are not hindered.

1 Peter 3:7.


Reading the Bible does not

strengthen God, it strengthens you

and your faith. Faith comes by

hearing and hearing by the word of

God. Romans 10:17. As your faith

becomes stronger you move up the

scale of afflictions listed in Mark

4. Satan uses more and more of

them against you because you are

better able to defeat him. Your

are able to resist the things that

are easy for him to do. As you

read the word of God out loud your

faith becomes stronger and stronger

and Satan is cast out each time.


Jesus is the high priest of our

profession. Hebrews 3:1 Our

profession is the word of God "By

the stripes of Jesus we are

healed!" and let Jesus make us

well. Life and death are in the

power of the tongue. Proverbs

18:21 Speak words of life. I

shall live and not die and declare

the works of the Lord. Psalms



I have ordained praise to

still the enemy. Psalms 8:2

Praise God and silence Satan and

all of his helpers.


Read the 103rd Psalm and ask God to

renew your strength.

You must read the Bible as much as

you can. The word of God is its

own power to bring about what it

says. It will heal you. Put the

word of God in your life



Get the Bible on tapeand play it

all the time: both awake and asleep.

Remember you are fighting for your



Read the91st Psalm: the protection Psalm.

Memorize the 2nd verse and repeat

it often during the day: "The Lord

is my refuge and my fortress, my

God in him will I trust." The 2nd

verse is you praying to God. The

next part of the Psalm is what you

get in response to that prayer.

The last part is God speaking

directly to you.


Where envying and strife is there

Satan is and every evil work.

James 3:16 Quit fighting with

anyone. Pray for them instead of

fighting with them.


Come boldly to the throne of grace

and obtain mercy, and find grace to

help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16


Call on the elders of the church

and have them anoint you with oil

and pray for you and you will be

healed. James 5:14.


If you were a soldier, you would go

through many days of training to get

you ready for battle. Well, the battle

is joined whether you are trained on

not. The enemy never sleeps. Your

companions: Jesus and Holy Ghost,

 do not sleep either.


Read the 37th Psalm and the 34th Psalm.

You are surrounded by the angels of the

Lord. Your help is at hand. If you speak

only the word of God they will help you



When you are engaged in a spiritual

battle you need meat. In the King

James version of the Bible, when

Jesus raised the little girl from

the dead, he commanded that she be

given meat to eat. Luke 8:55. In

Acts 27:34 The sailors on the boat

are told to eat meat. The storm in

Acts 27 is a spiritual battle

trying to kill Paul. You are in a

fight with demons who are out to

kill you. You need meat.


The fervent prayer of a righteous

man is effective. James 5:16. I am

a righteous man because Jesus

became sin that I might be made the

righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21.

I, therefore, claim that righteousness

and pray for you.

   Satan you demon of cancer, in the

Name of Jesus loose the one reading

this, I bind you and cast you out.

In the name of Jesus and with his

power, reader, you are healed.


These signs shall follow those that

believe, They shall lay hands on

the sick and they shall recover.

Mark 16:17-18. I am a believer. I

will lay my hands on you and pray

for you if you like. If I do, you

will recover, but you need to get

into he word of God and keep it

before you to build yourself up

against the next attack of Satan.

The Lord is faithful, and he will

strengthen and protect you from the

evil one.


Read the word of God. Your life

depends on it. I don't mean a

little. I mean daily, intently,

for hours at a time. Immerse

yourself in the word of God. Until

nothing but Bible comes out of your



I do not know if you will win this

fight with cancer, but I have laid

out some things that I think will

help. I know God can heal you of

cancer. I know that He wants to

heal you of cancer. I know that

Satan is defeated. You have to

make it true in your own life. God

Bless You!


If you would like someone to pray

with you, or you would like to talk

about how to apply these Bible

principles to your situation, or

you would like additional teaching

about Bible healing, then contact me.

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