by Dennis Kelly


A different look at evolution.

This essay is strictly my opinion. I have been a scientist all of my life. I have worked with Geologists for many years. I have heard the explanations of why they think evolution is valid. I have read many Christian books about why evolution is not likely.

The evidence for evolution is very compelling. Some rocks have no fossils in them and then there are fossils. As the rocks become younger the fossils become more frequent and more complex. This is how the rocks are aged, by the number and complexity of the fossils. It seems reasonable to me.

The Christian argument against evolution starts with the assumption that evolution is wrong and then tries to find reasons why evolution can not be so. They claim that reproduction will only reproduce its own kind. They claim that statistics makes evolution unlikely. They claim that systems break down with time and do not evolve and become more complicated with time.

I believe that mutations occur in species. I believe that traits are bread into and out of species through changes in DNA and genes. Some of these changes are brought about by adaptation to the environment. Some of these changes are brought about by environmental damage to the genes and DNA. I really do not know very much about it.

I did, however, look at what the Bible says in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. God commanded the Earth to bring forth the animals the plants, the creepy crawlies and the birds. God also commanded the Sea to bring forth the sea creatures and the birds.

How are the Earth and the Sea going to bring these things forth. It seems to me that evolution is one way that the Earth and the Sea could obey that command.

God made Man. Man was formed out of the dust and God breathed life into him. Man is not the product of evolution. As far as I know science has not been able to find a link between man and the other life forms. That is because there is none.

If a link were to be found between man and apes or some other creature, perhaps after Cain slew Able, Cain went off without God and de-evolved into an ape.

I do not know. I was not there. I have no evidence for either argument. However, I do believe that God's command to the Earth and the Sea presents a possibility that evolution is included within the creation story of the Bible. That command is still in force and the Earth and Sea are still evolving life.

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