By Dennis Kelly


The year was 2005. The Northwest Christian Center had moved to Mount Vernon. When it moved, I did not move with it, but was unchurched for several months. Finally, under the urging of the Holy Spirit, I went to Mount Vernon one Sunday to see what they were doing. Several friends were attending church, and we had a great reunion.

While I was meeting and greeting before the services began, a friend came up and grabbed me roughly by the arm and said I want you to pray for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I was really surprised. I was introduced to a lady (Janet, who works in Stanwood). I told her that I did not heal people, I only pray for them. Anyone who gets healed gets healed by Jesus. Then I launched into an attack on cancer and cast it out of the lady.

One week later the lady and I both came back to the same church. She told me that the further diagnosis was that the cancer was not the most severe kind but was rather a kind that is highly treatable. I prayed for her a second time. Then I asked her to come back and we would take some time and review scriptures, pray together and I would pray for her a third time. She said she could not come back next week but in two weeks she would be there.

Two weeks later she showed up. I took her and her husband into a back room and we reviewed bible verses that say that she is healed. We prayed together that the cancer would be cast out and the next doctors report would show her to be cancer free.

Several months later the doctors tested her and found no cancer.

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