By Dennis Kelly


The year was 2005.

A lady friend (Thelma) saw a report from her doctor that said she seemed to have cancer. She was outraged because he would not tell her outright that she had cancer. She was extremely worried.

I went over to her house and read some scriptures to her that say she is healed . I laid hands on her and prayed for her that there was no cancer. I claimed healing for her in the Name of Jesus.

She went to the oncologist who found no cancer.

After she told me the results of the tests, I asked her if she really had cancer. She was adamant: Yes! The first doctor said it was cancer in his report.

I then asked her if she had been healed. She immediately and adamantly said that she never had cancer and that she was not healed by prayer. The Holy Spirit told me right there that she would be dead of cancer within 18 months.

I did not say anything but turned and walked away. 18 months later she was dead from cancer.

Before she died, I tried again to pray for her but she laughed at me. I went away very sad.

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