The Ring and the Robe

by Dennis Kelly

July 11, 2009



I have paraphrased the Bible based on the references. I have then extrapolated based on what I think the referenced passages mean. There is no basis for the extrapolation except my own judgment. Most of the religious books I have read say that this is hazardous. However, most of the sermons I have heard have done this same thing. So…

I remember story that Jesus told about the prodigal son. Luke 15:11-31 (paraphrased).

The man had two sons. One son decided that he did not like being at home under the authority of his father.

So he said “Give me my inheritance now and let me go.”

His father said “OK. I will split my estate: half for you and half for your brother.”

So he did. He converted half of his estate into cash and gave it to his son. His son left.

He went to the big city and spent the whole bundle on wild women and riotous living. Soon he was broke and began scrounging for a job. The best he could do was a job feeding pigs. For Jews, pig farming is about as low as you can go. He was thinking that the slop that he was giving to the pigs was looking pretty good. He hadn’t eaten for days.

Then he thought: “My father’s servants live better than this. I think I will go home and see if I can get a job as a servant in my father’s house.” So he went home.

As he was approaching, his father spotted him and ran to greet him. “Son, you are home. What a wonderful day. “

He commanded his servants “Get a ring and a robe for my son has come home. Let’s have a party. Kill the fatted calf.”

So they partied hearty. The returning son was given the best wine and the best meat. The household rejoiced. Except for the other son.

He grumbled “You never gave me a party. You never killed the fatted calf for me.”

His father replied: “All I have is yours. You can have a party anytime. Why do you complain when your brother has returned.”

Did you notice that his father gave him a ring and a robe. The ring was the seal of the estate. His son could order anything the estate has to offer. The Robe was the mantel of authority in the estate. His son had the authority to do as he pleased.

This is what God does when you come to him. When I came to God, I said: “Sign me up. Jesus, be my savior. Jesus, be my Lord. God, in the name of Jesus, forgive my sins.”

I wanted to be on God’s team. I wanted to be his employee. His soldier. At his command.

God said: “You came to me through Jesus. I give you the ring and the robe. You are my son. You may use my authority. You may order whatever the kingdom of heaven has to offer.“ (It may take you a while to learn how to use the authority and the seal.)

I said “What! I am unworthy.”

God said: “I know what I am doing.” Ephesians 1:5 and 8.

I said: “I have sinned.”

God said: “Through the blood of Jesus, you are forgiven.” Ephesians 1:7

I said; “I just want to be your servant.”

God said: “I have made you my son.” Galatians 3:26.

I said: “I am unrighteous.”

God said: “I have made you my righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:21. You are the scepter of Jesus kingdom. Hebrews 1:8. With the authority of Jesus, you may order what you will.”


WOW! I am overwhelmed.

This position is available to any who will call on the name of Jesus: “Jesus save me.” Acts 2:21.

Whoever will ask for forgiveness: “Dear God. In the name of Jesus: Please forgive me of my sins!” Ephesians 1:7.

Whoever will call Jesus, Lord: “Dear Jesus, please come into my life and be my Lord (Boss).” Romans 10:10.

Thank You God.

Thank You Jesus.”



Now that you are a Christian, you need to be baptized in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In this way you will publicly declare your allegiance to Jesus. You need to find a Bible believing church and attend. You need to get a Bible (The New International Version is good.) and read it.

Try it and find out. You will change and life will be better. Some changes will be instant. Others will take longer. Still others will take all of your life.

God bless you!

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