Praise and Crime

By Dennis Kelly


God has ordained praise to still the voice of the enemy. (Psalms 8:2)

If you believe, and say what you believe, you can have whatever you say. (Mark 11:23-24, Matthew 18:19) It follows: you do not have, what you do not say.

If the enemy cannot talk, then he cannot have anything. If you have stilled his voice through praise (Psalms 8:2), then the enemy cannot have anything. He cannot get anything done because he cannot tell anyone what to do.

Therefore, only the voices of good can be heard (because the enemy is stilled) and only good things will come to pass.

If praise can be heard throughout the land, then no evil can be spoken. Crime should diminish. Violence should diminish. Good should prevail.


The church should establish perpetual choirs to sing praises to the Lord 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The songs selected should be praise songs.


At work two people were bickering. It was getting loud and vicious. I stood in the corner doing my job, but while I was working I began to sing praises to the Lord Jesus. I sang out loud but quietly to myself. The bickering stopped in about a minute. I was amazed and pleased. Praise will still the voice of the enemy.

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