by Dennis Kelly


Years ago Kenneth Copeland preached that if you have a problem you should look up the answer in the Bible and then pray the answer.  I began reading the Bible to search for answers to some of my problems.  I found some really interesting statements regarding many problems.  I wrote them down and decided that essays on the internet as the best way to share them with others.  Before you read these essays and get all judgmental there are a few things you need to understand.


I am a Christian.

I am a Christian.  I asked Jesus to save me.  I asked God, in Jesus name, to forgive me of my sins.  I asked Jesus to be my Lord.  I have been baptized.

You ought to be a Christian. The best thing that you can do is become a Christian.  There are more benefits, more good things happen, and you can do more good things than you would ever guess.  One of the most thrilling things is getting answers to prayers.


I am a scientist.

I have a BS degree in Forest Engineering and an MS degree in Forest Hydrology.  I have worked in science and land management all of my life until I retired after thirty years as a Hydrologist for the U.S. Forest Service

The Bible is truth.

Whatever the Bible says is truth.  If I say anything that disagrees with the Bible, then the Bible is correct and I am wrong.  I am definitely not infallible.

The Bible is the word of God.  Therefore, the Bible is truth.  I jokingly say the reason that God cannot tell a lie is because everything that God says comes to pass.  Jesus said the word of God is truth. John 17:17.

The Bible says that the word of God is sure to all generations. Psalms 100:5. It did not pass away from some generations and then get released again in a new form.  It did not miss any generations.

There are many versions of the Bible.  I believe that the King James Version of the Bible is pretty good.  I think that the New International Version of the Bible is pretty good. I believe that the Amplified Bible is pretty good.  I believe that the Living Bible is OK.  The different versions of the Bible are different in some of the minor details.  Sometimes I choose to agree with one of them and disagree with others.  I am not a scholar of bibles.  I am just trying to understand what they say and decide what I believe when it is not clear to me what they say.

The Bible is the Manufacture's Handbook:

I first read about this term in Harold Hill's book "How to Live Like a Kings Kid".  The concept is that after God created the earth, he gave us a book to tell us how it works.  If you bought a new computer program you would get instructions about how to make it work.  Every time I tried to understand computer program instructions I found them confusing and difficult to follow.  The Bible is a lot like that.  However, the Bible says you have the Holy Spirit to help you understand.  Like computer program instructions, you need to see what the instructions say and try to do what it says.  If it does not work the first time, then read some more and try to figure it out.  When you finally get it right you usually say: "Oh, yeah, that is just what the instructions said."

Prophecies may be disconnected:

Some times in prophecy, there are thousands of years between the fulfillment of one word and the next word in the Bible. Isaiah 61:1-2, Matthew 4:18

Profound insights of the Bible can be gained by connecting seemingly disconnected verses of the Bible.  However, you need to be careful about how you interpret what the Bible says.

I have heard that if the Disciples were alive today that they would no doubt drive a Honda car because the Bible says that they were all in one Accord.   Well, this seems to be a misinterpretation of what the Bible says.

Anything that I say needs to be checked with the Bible to see if you agree with my interpretation.

You are free to choose.

You are free to choose.  You may choose Jesus.  You may choose the Devil.  Clearly God gives you that choice.  As I understand it, you do not have a third choice.  All those who do not choose God are in league with the Devil for he was the first to choose not to follow God.

I choose to follow Jesus.  It is clearly the best choice.  I make a quality decision: I will do what Jesus says.  I know enough about myself to know that I will not always follow this choice.  I also know that this is the best choice that I can make.  When in a particular instance I do not follow the teaching of Jesus, I do that to my own peril.

We should do what God says.

God gave commandments.  He was not trying to prevent you from having a good time. He was in fact trying to get you to do what is best for you.  Whatever God tells you to do, it is, far and away, better than any other choice you could make.  It will be better for you.  It will be more fun than you can even imagine.

What you say is what you get.

What you say is what you get.  Don Gossett wrote a book with that title.  I agree.  God made us in his image.  Things work for us the same way they work for God.  God said let there be light and light was.  Nobody had ever seen light before.  God formed the world by speaking words.  Then everything else came into place.  God spoke several words to make things just the way he wanted.  Genesis chapter 1.  He spoke and said lets make man in our image.  Genesis chapter 2.  Lets make him male and female.  These things happened because God spoke them.

We are in the image of God, and when we speak, things happen for us like they did for God.  The tongue sets on fire the entire course of nature. James 3:6.  By the way we speak, nature moves.  Words are very powerful.  We shall give account for every idle word that we speak. Mat 12:36.  Even our idle words have great power.  Jesus withstood the Devil by quoting the word of God. Luke 4:1-13.   Jesus will return and a two edged sword will be in his mouth. Revelation 1:16.  That sword is the word that he speaks.

In Isaiah 55:11 God said:  "My words will not return to me void."   God's words return to him when you pray them.  You pray to God with the words of the Bible and his words return to him.  They will not return to him void.  They will do what they say.

In order for things to work well for you, you need to find out what the Bible says and then repeat those words.  Does it need to be an exact quote from the Bible?  No.  The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek.  Unless you are going to speak those languages then you are not going to have an exact quote anyway.  Make sure that what you say is what the Bible says, but it does not have to be an exact quote.  However, do not get the meaning wrong.  What you say is what you get, but if you say what God has already said, then you and God are agreeing and when two agree they shall have what they say. Matthew 18:19.

God said that he will give you whatever you say.  Jesus is the high priest of our profession Heb 3:1.: of what we say.  If you say bad things then He delegates that part to the Devil.

Most of the promises have conditions.  If you conform to the conditions then the promise is sure.

Bible Verses to Address Problems.

The rest of these essays address some problems that I have faced.  I looked in the Bible to see what I could find about those problems and formed prayers to attack the problems.  I have put together a series of scriptures about each problem for study and prayer.  I was not afraid to take portions of scriptures, scriptures out of context or put together scriptures from different parts of the Bible.  I did try to cite the scriptural references for each item.  As you read these essays I expect that you are in for a wild ride.  Please check the scriptures I have quoted any time you feel uneasy about what I have said.  The Bible is true.  Remember also that the Bible says that if you lack wisdom, ask of God and he will give it to you. James 1:4. No charge.

I also used Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to find verses and to find the definitions of the words that were translated into English.

The Devil is the enemy.

The Bible is the Sword of the Spirit.  The sword is an offensive weapon.  Use it to attack the Devil.  The Devil is the enemy.  Do not ever forget that.  If you want to stop the attacks of the enemy, then use the Word of God. James 4:7.  If you want to break down strongholds of the enemy then use the Word of God. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.  God is not the problem. God wants only good for you.

What to Expect.

When I pray I often see the results.  I find that things almost never happen the way I reason that they are going to happen.  But the promises are sure.  The outcome is as stated.  But the answers to prayer are often a complete surprise.  It helps to write down the things that you are praying for because that way you can look up what you said and tell when they have arrived.  Sometimes you don't even know when they are happening and suddenly you look up and say: "Oh yeah! I prayed for that and I got it."  You will be taken by surprise.


I have rambled on about what I believe because you need to know where I am coming from. I hope you enjoy the rest of these essays.
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